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Federal & State Programs

Dr. Alicia Carrillo
Dr. Alicia Carrillo

Executive Director

(956) 473-6259


Welcome to UISD Department of Federal and State Compensatory Programs. Our mission is to provide supplemental funding, and fiscal compliance guidance to all campuses and departments. Through these supplemental support services, the campuses can continue to provide their students with the essential skills needed to achieve academic success.

The Department manages Federal Title Programs as follows: Title I,  Part A, Title I, Part C, Title II, Part A State Compensatory Education and the After School Adventures Program. The department has 3 Program Coordinators that oversee specific programs and activities and one migrant counselor.

Title I, Part A, Improving Basic Programs

Title I, Part A provides supplemental resources to the district to ensure that all children, particularly low-achieving children in the highest-poverty schools, have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and State academic assessments. One percent of funding is reserved for parental involvement activities that include a yearly Parent Festival and United Council of Parents monthly meetings. Campuses take care of their individual Parental Involvement such as Parent Policy and Parent Compact requirements. Five percent of funding is reserved for district-wide Staff Development Activities. Another 1% is reserved for services to neglected/delinquent residential facilities and homeless students.

Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment Program

The purpose of Title II, Part A is to increase the academic achievement of all students by helping campuses and districts improve teacher and principal quality and ensure that all teachers are highly qualified. Title II, Part A can support teacher professional development across all core academic subjects and also can be used for Class Size Reduction programs. UISD pays class size reduction teachers and provides Human Resources with additional funds to be used for recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals.


Name Position Email Phone
Elsa Pena Federal Programs Manager (956) 473-6469
Sara Hernandez Federal Programs Coordinator (956) 473-6471
Elsa Cantu After School Adventures Program Coordinator (956) 473-6206
Nancy Newsome Migrant Coordinator (956) 473-6472
Perla Gonzalez State Compensatory Education Coordinator (956) 473-6270




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