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Migrant Program

Nancy Gonzalez Newsome
Nancy Gonzalez Newsome


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Our Philosophy

The United I.S.D. Migrant Education Program will strive to provide appropriate services to support the educational experience of this highly mobile population. Support services will address their specific needs in a coordinated and efficient manner together with the assistance of the LEA. Efforts will be made to address the educational disruption, poverty and language barriers that migrant children face by utilizing the federally mandated seven areas of focus.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to provide migratory students opportunities to achieve excellence and equity in the classroom.

Scope of Services

Title I – Migrant is a Federal program for migratory students that supports:

  • high-quality and comprehensive educational programs
  • not penalizing students who move among the States
  • providing education services that address the needs in a coordinated and efficient manner
  • providing full and appropriate opportunities to meet the State academic content and standards
  • providing programs that will assist in overcoming factors that might inhibit the ability to succeed
  • ensuring that students benefit from State and local systemic reforms.

The Migrant Program must be planned and designed with the involvement of parents and teachers of the participating children. The ultimate goal is “Student Success” by recruitment of students in order to assist them by providing academic and support services that will alleviate the obstacles they face due to their migratory lifestyle.

Seven Areas of Focus