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Coach Bobby Cruz
Bobby Cruz


(956) 473-7100






The United ISD Athletic Department is committed to excellence in academics and athletics. We are dedicated to pursuing victory with honor, to adhering to the rules of competition, to promoting good sportsmanship and to producing champions in sports and LIFE.

Core Values

  • Pride
  • Honor
  • Class
  • Tradition
  • Excellence

Opportunities exist for participation in the following sports: Football, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming, Golf and Track & Field.

Student Activity Complex Overview

  • Opened in the Fall of 2002
  • Located at 5208 Santa Claudia Lane between Hwy 359 and Hwy 59 on Bob Bullock Loop 20.
  • Football / Soccer Stadium capacity is 8,500 with turf system by FieldTurf
  • Baseball Stadium capacity is 2,500
  • Softball Stadium capacity is 1,000
  • 2,300 parking spaces
  • 9 lane all-weather urethane track
  • Large concession stands at all stadiums
  • Large locker rooms with attached coaches room





Name Position Email Phone
Roberto Cruz Athletic Director (956) 473-7100
Roxanne Robledo Athletics Coordinator (956) 473-7134
Juan Botello Athletics Coordinator (956) 473-7103
Jose A. Briones Athletics Coordinator (956) 473-7139
Osbaldo Guzman Athletics Operations Officer (956) 473-7145
Belinda Treviño Athletics Assistant (956) 473-7100
Cindy Ruiz Athletics Assistant (956) 473-7101
Abelardo Peralta Athletics Assistant (956) 473-7104
Eduardo Sanchez Athletics Assistant (956) 473-7151


Fitness Program